Demet Özdemir, Did you delete your love life by paying 4 thousand USD? Newspaper intervie Eng.Spain

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Demet Özdemir, Did you delete your love life by paying 4 thousand USD?

Journalist: What makes you angry Demet Özdemir?

Demet: - Disrespect, abuse of goodwill, and too much expectation. I see that being overpowering is due to love within people, but after a while, the other side perceives this situation as an imperative. Seeing it as a duty makes me sad and upset. So I'm getting a little angry.

Journalist: Do you get angry at the negative comments and criticisms about you on social media?

Demet: - I feel more sad when done to others, not me. Regardless I am on my own way and I am sure of myself. I don't even see things that will lower my motivation. There are certain people I listened to. It feels good to be listening to them. If we hear every criticism, we make ourselves unfair. But when it happens to others, I say "how broken it is?"

Journalist: Who is the person you believe most about honesty?

Demet: - My sister. Knows the procedure of criticism. His words come not as criticism but as a sister. My mother cannot criticize too much, she is afraid to break, upset.

Journalist: Do you have a mood that we will not love you when we learn?

Demet: - I'm in a hurry! I thought people were too slow, myself too fast. I realized that I am hyperactive. I am trying to file this out.

Journalist: What percentage of the news about you is a lie?

Bundle: - 95 of them! I think those who are right are related to my new project. I don't know it's a lie, it's enough to feel good.

Journalist: I want to get to know our host a little more closely. It was written that you paid 4 thousand dollars to erase the news about your private life from the internet. Is it true?

Demet: - Let me say that money is not earned easily in this period ...

Journalist: Do you miss the dance?

Demet: - Still not in my life, if not regular. I have a lot of dancer friends. When I have a free day, I try to spare time for them and dance. I thank you for dancing.

Journalist: You have millions of followers. They follow every step you take ...

Demet: - There really was something like “growing up together”. When I was little, I would hear popmen and actors saying, "We are like family, they raised me." It was nice to see that a girl who has followed me for the first time at the age of 11 is now 19 and her interest is still the same.

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