Hate your job? Instead of quitting, do this instead | Mel Robbins Live Episode 44

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This video is for those of you who are working towards your dreams.

If you're frustrated with where you are right now because where you want to be feels really far away, know this:

Whatever it is that you're doing right now–no matter how much you hate it–is leading to the thing that you dream of doing (if you allow it).

In this video, let me explain to you how you can milk your current job for all of the possible knowledge, experience, and learning opportunities–and use it to launch yourself into the career of your dreams.

10 years ago, I wasn't the most-booked female speaker in the world. I was far from it. But I was honing my skills, learning, trying and failing, and gaining important experiences that have gotten me to where I am today.

After watching, in the comments, let me know what skills you're building.


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